The Process:

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Step 1: Your teacher will place you into groups.

Step 2: Divide your group into two teams.

Step 3: Each team is to choose two countries to investigate.

Step 4: Download the
Holiday Checklist then using the links below research all you can about your countries.

~ France
© The French Flag

Step 5: Once the two teams have completed their investigation of their countries join your group and
share your information.

Step 6: Complete your rating for each country and determine the best country for Mr and Mrs Small to travel to.

Step 7: Once you have completed step 5, return to step 4 and gather as much information about your selected country.

 Think about the following points:
  • Weather
  • Best time of year to travel
  • Language spoken
  • The population
  • Location of country - distance from Queensland.
  • Main attractions/landmarks
  • Transport
  • Food, and
  • How to stay safe in that country to help you with this look at the Top Ten Travel Tips.

Step 8:
Record all your information using PowerPoint and remember to make it as eye catching as possible.

Step 9: Complete the PowerPoint Checklist.

Step 10: Present your PowerPoint to Mrs Small. Make sure each group member has something to say.

REMEMBER: Take a look at the evaluation page to find out what your being marked on.

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