The webquest is designed to provide students with the opportunity to explore issues related to employment.

It considers the cross-curriculum issue of gender, providing an emphasis on women but also allowing students to explore further male perspectives. 

It enables students to explore issues that have been current in the media for a long time and to deliver them in an unbiased and diplomatic format.

It allows students to consider different gender perspectives at different periods of time, thus building on their knowledge, in order to understand the relevance of the policy that has been presented by the Australian Labor Party.

It enables then to use skills that are expected of them at this level eg. analyse, research, discuss and to extend the students with the use of terminology such as justify, encouraging higher order thinking.


The webquest is designed to incorporate a numbers of issues within the Core topic of Employment for Year 9 or 10 Commerce students, including a current employment relations issue, sexual discrimination and some changing workplace patterns.

It provides students with the opportunity to incorporate learning from History and English to develop their skills further.

Curriculum Standards

As identified by the Board of Studies New South Wales Commerce Years 7-10 Syllabus


 Students will develop :

• knowledge and understanding if employment matters
• skills in decision making and problem solving in relation to employment issues
• skills in effective research and communication
• skills working independently and collaboratively

Stage 5 Outcomes include:

5.1 Applies employment concepts and terminology in a variety on context
5.2 Analyse the rights and responsibilities of individuals in employment context
5.7 Research and assess commercial information using a variety of sources
5.9 Work independently and collaboratively to meet individual and collective goals with in specified timelines.


Students will value and appreciate:

• ethical and socially responsible behaviour in relation to employment issues
• fundamental rights, rules and laws that promote fairness, justice and quality in out community in our society through responsible and active citizenship.

Learning and teaching Opportunities
• Journal writing skills
• Letter writing skills
• Report writing skills
• Language skills
• Research Skills
• Oral Skills
• Listening skills
• Powerpoint presentation stills
• Analytical skills

  • It is expected that the lesson will take a number of lessons.
  • It is expected that the teacher will assign roles in order to form groups of differing abilities where male and female students are grouped together also, so their various viewpoints can be discussed.
  • It is expected that the views of the teacher are kept to a mimimum, to enable students to develop their own opinions. However, teachers may choose to intervene if they believe any sexist or biased remarks are made that may jeopardise the values system that is expected. 


  • Students should draw on prior knowledge in the Australian Government and law, however an attachment has been made available to understand the process from Policy to Act (Law).
  • Students need access to computer resources with internet access.
  • Students need to have access to and a sound knowledge of Powerpoint.


Please see the evaluation section. It takes into account quality aspects identified in the teaching and learning opportunities above.


By enabling students to justify a policy announced by the government, considering male and female positions, allows them to develop an understanding of the changes that have taken place and are continuing to change in the workplace, particularly for women.


To all the resources that helped be develop this website including:
  • webquestdirect.com.au for the use of their template.
  • All the webquests out there that I viewed to understand that webquests are. 
  • All the available material accessable on the internet for the students to use for research.
  • The Human Resources magazine on line for the inspiration for my Webquest with the use of their news 'Labor launched policyfor women in the workplace' available on the website:
  • The pictures that I sourced for the different pages of my webquest, downloaded from
  • The background information that I sourced from
    Parker, B. (2004). Commerce for Australian Citizens. South Yarra: MacMillan Education Australia Pty Ltd.
  • The objectives and outcomes identified as documented by
    Board of Studies New South Wales. (2003). Commerce Years 7-10 Syllabus. Sydney: Author.

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