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How do we belong? 


(Portrait by Nick Stathopoulous)  Shaun Tan is an Australian artist and writer whose picture books represent ways of belonging. The diversity of his images, and his short stories, show many different ways we can belong - socially, culturally and personally.

Even the most staunch individualist belongs to groups that might be determined by gender, culture, experience, place, ritual and time.  Shaun Tan's end papers in The Arrival, begin to tell stories about the diversity of individuals and the richness, in human experience, that is implicit when we belong.

Shaun Tan's books; The Arrival, The Red TreeThe Lost Thing and Tales from Outer Suburbia provide students and teachers with the stimulus to explore how notions of belonging can be constructed using multimodality.  The essential question, in this webquest is:  In what ways can we develop a sense of belonging?

Author: Julie Bain

Adapted information:

Some of the resources (keywords/glossary and scaffold) used in this webquest are shared with the webquest The Viewer, Postmodern Picture Books constructed by the author, Julie Bain. http://www.webquestdirect.com.au/webquest.asp?id=86

Key Learning Areas: English & Language Arts (ELA);

Grade Levels: Secondary / High School; Teacher; University / Tertiary;

Last Updated: 27 September 2008

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