Task One
Your task is to choose a sea creature and write a research report on it. This report will help you learn what the sea creatures need to survive. You will use these factual reports when teaching the prep students. You will need to find facts about:
  • habitat
  • diet
  • how they have their babies
  • interesting or special features including how it moves, the sounds it makes, and what it looks like.
You will need to print the note taking worksheet from the link below.

After you have printed a copy of the note taking worksheet, you can research your sea creature by clicking on the picture of it. This will take you to the information about your sea creature. Read the information and write your notes on the note taking worksheet to collect the facts you need for your research report.
Sea Anemone

Sting ray
Sea Horse

Gulper Eel

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Star Fish

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Sea Turtle

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Clown Fish

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Task Two
For task two, you and your class are going to make a class book about sea creatures to show the prep students how you use your imagination in story writing.

Imagine that you have become the sea creature you researched.

Now write an adventure story about 'the day you became a sea creature'. Read the following questions and use the answers to help you write your story!
1.   What will happen in your sea adventure story?
2.   When is your adventure happening, day or night? 
3. Where is your adventure happening, the sunlit zone, the twilight zone, or the midnight zone?
4.   How do you (the sea creature) act or behave in this adventure story?
5.   Why do you (the sea creature) behave this way?

Remember to add a drawing of your sea creature adventure story. Once everyone in the class has written their story, ask your teacher to help you make them into a book you can share with the prep students, your parents and friends.
Task Three
It is now time to investigate pollution and its effects on the sea creatures.
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As a whole class you are going to investigate and take notes about ocean pollution by clicking on the pictures below. Your teacher will help your class with this task.
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This looks dangerous...
How might this pollution affect the sea creatures?
This is toxic waste entering the waterways that lead to the ocean. Swimming in chemicals is definitely harmful to the sea creatures.
These people are trying to clean up an oil spill...
The beach and rocks are covered in black oil. What do you think might happen to the sea creatures?
Task Four
You are going to make an ocean diorama. This is a creative way you can display what you have learned, and will make an excellent item to help you teach the prep students. You will use the sea creatures you have researched, along with the facts you have learned about pollution in the ocean. You will be divided into small groups to create the diorama.
Click on the crab below for examples of what you will need to collect to create your diorama.
Task Five 
Now that you have made your ocean diorama, you and your group are going to use it and technology to make a stop motion movie, with your sea creatures as the stars.
For more information about creating a stop motion movie click on the following links:
Once your movie is finished, your group will use their project to teach the Prep children a little bit about some of the creatures under the sea and why we need to protect them. 

Task Six

It is now time for you and your group to create your very own lesson plan which you will use to teach the Prep students. Each group must make their own lesson plan. To do this you will need to:
1. Write an introduction telling the children what the lesson is about,
2. Think about the order you want to present your information about your sea creatures and the effects of pollution on them,

3. Make sure your lesson goes for about 10 minutes,
4. Decide how you want to present your group's lesson, for example, as a play, as a puppet show or any other interesting ways you may imagine.

After your group has finished creating your lesson plan, ask your teacher to arrange a time with the Prep teachers for you to teach the Prep children.
Remember you are teaching the children about a very important environmental issue, so you must speak clearly and use a loud enough voice so that they can hear you. It is your job to tell them about the wonderful sea creatures and how they can protect them.
Now that you have completed this quest, please
click on the sting ray below to see what comes next. 
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