Probo Six Officer G. Andee
Linguist/ Communicator/ Peacemaker - Expert in all forms of communication and specialised knowledge in alien beings, as well as a law maker to ensure peace, safety and conservation of the "New Earth".
You have been chosen for your exceptional communication skills and knowledge of equality.  
You must make contact with the extra-terrestrials and share this information with your fellow crew to help them in their decision about this new planet.

Task 1 - Discussion
Lead a discussion with your fellow crew. Guide them in their consideration of the following questions:
Do you think the extra-terrestrials may be a threat to humans? Why?
Would Mankind pose a threat to them and the future of their civilisation?
How do think they breathe?
What do you think they might eat and drink?                                                 
Which parts of the planet do you think they might live and why?
What type of shelters do you think they might live in?               
How do you think they travel?
Should Mankind respect any boundaries and completely leave them alone, or do you think that Mankind should interact with them to enhance their way of living? If so, how?                                                                               
As the Peacemaker, you must ensure that there are laws put in place to protect the inhabitants of the new planet, protect the environment of the new planet, as well as guarantee the survival of Mankind.
What laws would you put in place to ensure the safety, protection and co-existence of all?
Work with your fellow crew to determine if there are any dangerous zones that need to have restricted access.
Does the weather or climate pose any problems to Man?
Are there any threats in the terrain?
What warning systems would you put in place?
Can we use or recycle resources? What laws would you implement to make certain this is done?
How shall you ensure that we respect the original inhabitants? 
Task 2 - PowerPoint Slide
After consultation with your crew write a set of laws on your PowerPoint slide that shall be presented to the G.A.S.E.S. to ensure a fair and safe "Sister Earth". Ensure that your recommended laws are supported with reasons for their implementation. Be prepared to answer any questions they may have, that shall challenge your new legislation.
The following are resources for background information that you may find helpful in considering your laws. You may also seek additional information from the school to help in your mission. 

Good luck in a successful mission Officer G. Andee!

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