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Teacher's Guide

It is the year 2020. Ecocide has recently been accepted as
the Fifth Crime against Peace. Your country is in the process of creating a
committee of experts who monitor possible events that can be qualified as
Ecocide and who report these events to the International Criminal Court. The
people who are going to be on the 
committee are citizens with a wide range of expertise: lawyers, business
men and women, and scientists from different fields. However, none of them has
a more than superficial knowledge of Ecocide.

The committee asks you to prepare a briefing for them
and to inform them about what Ecocide is and how they can identify events as
possibly criminal. In the context of this WebQuest, you will have the
opportunity to learn about Ecocide as a concept, of its history, and you will
have the opportunity to reflect on what is happening to our Planet and how it affects
life as we know it (plants, animals, and humans).

You can work through this activity alone or with one or
several people. A group of three or four people usually works best.

You may be a native English speaker, someone who already has
confidence in reading, writing, and speaking English, or you may be someone who
is currently learning English. This activity was designed for all of you.

Have fun!

Author: Diethild Starkmeth

Key Learning Areas: English as a Second Language (ESL/EFL); English & Language Arts (ELA); Science;

Grade Levels: Community; Secondary / High School; University / Tertiary;

Last Updated: 21 September 2011

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