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Activity 4 Prophets in Australia - in our History and today?

Group 8: Caroline Chisholm, David Bussau, Sir Gustav Nossal, Professor Graeme Clark, and, Mary Gilmore

1 Go to each of the following web sites and then complete the activities in Activity 4.

Caroline Chisholm

Australian Dictionary of Biography

ABC - Schools

Australian Government - Civics and Citizenship


Caroline Chisholm - The Emigrant's Friend

Caroline Chisholm Education Foundation

Caroline Chisholm
Caroline Chisholm
David Bussau
David Bussau

David Bussau

Australian of the Year 2008

George Negus Tonight

David Bussau

Opportunity International - Australia

Warrane College


Sir Gustav Nossal

Encyclopedia of Australian Science

Leadership for Women - Interview with Sir Gustav Nossal


University of Sydney


Walter + Eliza Hall - Institute of Medical Research

Virology Down Under

Talking Heads

Gustav Nossal
Sir Gustav Nossal
Graeme Clark
Graeme Clark
Professor Graeme Clark

The Prime Minister's Prize for Science

Graeme Clark Oration - About Graeme Clark

Graeme Clark (PDF 82 pages - extensive information)

Conversations with Richard Fidler - audio of Graeme Clark


La Trobe University


Mary Gilmore


Australian Dictionary of Biography - Dame Mary Jean Gilmore

Reserve Bank of Australia

Civics and Citizenship


The Australian Women's Register



Poems and Poetry


Stanmore Public School - History

Dame Mary Gilmore



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