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"From the outset, O'Brien spins a sticky web, which step-by-step enmeshes then hooks his reader into a wonderful array of protagonists, conflicts, horses and armaments set against the Australian and South African landscapes. O'Brien's precise language and powerful dialogue reconstructs the last days of the nineteenth century and the dawn of the twentieth century. His intimate knowledge of the Australian bush and South African veld become part of this adventure. Heroic and demonic men and women jump form the pages of this novel snatching the reader into their rip-snorting adventures of intrigue, murder, escape, evasion and survival.

Hold onto your chair - this is one hell of a ride. " (Source: book cover)

Dolly Gray was the British soldiers’ song of the Anglo Boer War (1899-1902). Read more including the lyrics of the song...

Patrick McCarthy, a young Australian leaves his farm in 1899 and travels to South Africa, arriving on the outbreak of war between the British and Boers. Enlisting in a colonial light horse unit, Patrick’s leadership skills develop and he soon commands the unit. After the fall of Pretoria, when the British commence a program of farm burning and executions, Patrick is tormented by these actions. His relationship with Suzanna, a Boer nurse adds to the tensions and drama in the novel.

O’Brien’s language is precise and his sharp dialogue drives his novel taking readers, both male and female, on a roller-coaster with highs of humour, adventure and hope intermingled with lows of tears, suspense and despair. The good and evil characters propel this novel. As the book cover warns, readers should hold onto their chairs as it is a wild, emotion filled, ride.

Patrick McCarthy and his invented Family History....
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Antony O'Brien (Tony) is an historian with interests in the history of Victoria, the Boer War and much more. This is O'Brien's first novel. Read more.....

Bye-Bye Dolly Gray
by Antony O'Brien

Publication Date: October 2006

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Format: 299 pages

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