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Role 1: Trades Career Promoter

As the Trades Career Promoter, you are expected to research careers that would help your clients to think about a career with a VET diploma.

You firmly believe that this is the best path for your client.

You are to promote the careers you find suitable as the best.


You are to research, from your role perspective, the best three career choices for five student clients.

You are to review the 5 client profiles, work out their most suited career and present your ideas to the team.

You are to defend your career choices.

You will also have to give advice to each client.

You will have to recommend what skills, talents and study that will need to be developed further. You might also need to recommend other qualifications or work experience. 

The company, however, wants each team to reach consensus about each of the 5 clients career choices  - this means that you will have to defend your choices but you will have to listen and then as a team, reach a decision together about the best choice for the client.

Click here to obtain the Worksheet to fill out for each client.


After researching and deciding as a team which is the best career for each of your "clients", t
he team have to present their findings and justifications to the Senior Management Panel (the class).

You will have to help with this presentation. Look at the Evaluation again for your assessment.

You also have to submit your findings and justifications to your Teacher for Assessment.

Resources for this Role