A few years back scooters were viewed as down and out. Youngsters seem to be running after bikes and even middle age people dismissed scooters as old fashioned. Motorcycles seem to have reduced the sales of scooters to almost half and as bikes were persistently improving their styles, fuel efficiency and power, scooters were almost written-off from the roads. Perhaps that seems to be the beginning of a change which can be stated as The Return of the Scooter or The Scooter Strikes Back. With stylish scooters showing up almost daily they have become quite affordable, easy to operate, available in an assortment of choices, and are absolute fun to ride.

Stylish, advanced fuel efficient and cost effective scooters start flooding the market. Some scooter manufacturers specifically targeted their marketing strategy to woo women. And the strategy exceeded the expectations as most of the women who earlier found public transport convenient found a reliable companion in the form of scooter that can carry them wherever they want. Scooters are also projected as vehicles meant for families. They are ideal for short distances and quite comfortable in places where there are issues like traffic jams, insufficient parking space for cars.

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